Content Publishing

Digital publishing is more than just text and images. On mobile, it opens the door for all kinds of interactive content, making the experience just as important as the content itself. Providing fresh content in unconventional ways creates a deeper connection in users and encourages them to share. One of our earliest and biggest successes, the Levis app, was built for better publishing to reach bigger audiences. Since, we’ve helped a number of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations take their content to new places through mobile, and we haven’t looked back.

Expertise in:

Custom CMS

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Video Delivery & Distribution

Services provided include – Live & VOD Streaming & Monetization Solutions, OTT video, TV Everywhere Solutions, Digital Video Post-production automation, User Experience Design, SmartTV Apps.

Everyone on our team has worked hands-on in the Media industry and understands the nuances of content development, distribution, consumption, analytics & monetization.

Clients include: Hulu, NBCUniversal, Discovery Media, & AOL.

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Media & Entertainment

TV shows, video games, movies and music – they’re all going mobile. And if you’re not taking your content to mobile, you’re missing out on building consumer relationships, brand equity and revenue. Lucky for you, we are experts in engaging fans and viewers with mobile entertainment. We embrace the power of interactivity and enhance every moment of your brand experience.

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Retail & m-Commerce

Today, more and more shopping is done online or on mobile rather than in-store. While mobile devices provide streamlined experiences, they are often perceived to be very impersonal. But much like a charming salesperson in-store, mobile has the potential to create a brand experience that establishes trust and builds a relationship. That’s where we come in. We get to know your brand and how your consumers shop. With this insight, we are able to craft a rewarding buying experience that makes in-app shopping fast, simple, secure and, most importantly, personal.

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Web Application Solutions

As mobile experiences evolve, so does the dependency on services that provide content. Bootstrap offers rock-solid server-side solutions such as API development, automation and data services and hosting. Our very own Boootstrap Server framework accelerates development by addressing the concerns of publishers with dependable, secure and blistering-fast back-end services.

Expertise in:

Server-side Development
Web-based tools are used to manage the app experience (much like a CMS) or provide a rich mobile web application experience.

API Development
Ensures that apps are getting the content they need to enhance the user experience and ensure that the latest information is available.

Automation & Data Services
Transforms your current data into a format that can be easily packaged for mobile consumption.

Bootstrap leverages the latest in cloud computing to provide the most resilient, fast, secure and dependable services available. Our Architects are Amazon Cloud Certified

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